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Researching the cost of elevated steel tanks in Kenya before buying a steel tank for your home or business is vital. This is because not all storage tanks are of the same quality and will provide you with value for your money. Whether the storage tank is for domestic use, for instance, storing drinking water, or for commercial use, for example, to store chemicals, it is vital to note that every liquid has its suitability regarding means of storage.

Therefore, you need to consider a few essential things before you start shopping for a steel storage tank to ensure you get a product that matches your needs and is appropriate for the job at hand. Below are a few things an individual needs to consider when buying a pressed steel water tanks Kenya.

1.  Construction Material

The type of material to be used in the storage tank construction depends on the usage type. For instance, stainless steel would be the best material if the storage tank is to be used to store corrosive chemicals for commercial use. This will ensure no accidental spillage and, hence, safety for the people using the stainless steel water tank in Kenya.

Therefore, before shopping for a storage tank, you need to examine your needs to determine the suitable construction material for the storage tank. Stainless steel water tanks are also recommended for people who want to store water because they are more durable than other materials, such as plastic.

2. Size and Placement

Various things determine the storage tank size you install in your home or business premises. One critical factor is the space available to install the storage tank. As long as you have enough space, the storage tank can be of any size of your choosing, depending on the usage. However, consider installing an elevated steel tank if you have a small space.
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For above-ground steel water tanks, you will require less labor and are less expensive than tower design. Above-ground storage tanks also make it easy for an individual to detect damages easily and repair them fast since they don’t require the use of specialized tools. Depending on the space available, and the cost of elevated steel tanks in Kenya, the storage tank can be installed above ground or on a rooftop.

However, many people prefer elevated steel tanks because the water flows easily in the direction of gravity, and the pressure increases with height; thus, there is no need to install a pump.

3. Environmental Factors

When designing a storage tank, external environmental conditions play a vital role. Ecological factors include seismic conditions, wind loads, snow loads, etc. This is particularly important when installing pressed elevated steel storage tanks. Physical conditions, such as wind loads, are out of your control and will determine the storage tank’s safety and durability. It is, therefore, essential to consult an expert before installing an elevated steel storage tank to determine if environmental factors suit your investment.

4. Safety Conditions

Before installing a storage tank, you need to ensure the tank’s coating is appropriate for the type of liquid you intend to store. Selecting an inappropriate coating layer may cause severe corrosion, coating failure, product damage, and, in severe cases, injuries to the crew managing the stainless steel water tank Kenya. Thus, you need to conduct a proper evaluation process to ensure the tank’s coating is approved for the type of liquid you want to store.

For steel tanks used to store drinking water, it is recommended that you go for the NSF Standard 61 Certified coatings approved for water storage.

5. Compare Total Life Cycle Cost

Steel water tanks prices in Kenya depends on the design of the product you want to install. For instance, the cost of installing an elevated steel storage tank is fairly higher compared to the cost of constructing a ground-level pressed tank. Besides the design, future maintenance costs such as tank recoating and cleaning should also be considered to ensure you don’t incur costly expenses during the storage tank life cycle.

Cleaning the storage water tank is necessary to ensure the water’s safety. This is because during the usage of the storage tank, bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms can contaminate the water stored in the tanks. The tank size, amount of use, and water quality will determine how frequently you need your water storage tank cleaned.
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6. Certification and Reputation of the Manufacturer

When buying a steel storage tank, you need to make sure the manufacturer is fully certified by the relevant government regulatory authority. Ensure the company has ISO 9001 Quality certification, as this ensures the steel storage tank you purchase has met all the safety standards set by the industry.

Structurways Limited is Kenya’s best contractor for affordable and durable pressed steel water tanks Kenya. They have numerous years of experience manufacturing quality steel water tanks and reputable industry names known for the best solutions to their clients.

7. Warranty

The terms and conditions of manufacturers vary depending on where you buy your storage tank. Usually, storage water tanks have a one-year warranty that guarantees free repair costs in case of damage. However, Structurways Limited offers their clients extended warranties of up to five years for steel storage tank.

Before checking pressed steel tank prices in Kenya, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. This is because some warranties only cover flaws in the material and workmanship. In contrast, others extend their terms to include damages that may result from weather elements such as strong winds.

8. Aesthetics and Unique Operations

You can improve the general aesthetic of a steel water tank to create a unique effect by blending the design or creatively using paint to enhance visual appeal. If you want a unique image, you can consider special shapes or non-structural elements like pilasters or facades. Steel water tanks can also be modified to include special operational requirements depending on the owner’s needs.

The most common example is the construction of a dual-purpose tank that provides the owner with more than one storage compartment, each functioning as a separate water storage vessel. Depending on your needs, a dual-purpose pressed steel tank in Kenya offers potential maintenance cost savings since it combines two tanks into one structure.

Benefits of Installing Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Water tanks made of plastics are less costly compared to steel water tanks. However, they are only recommended for short-term usage because they are fragile. For long-term plumbing solutions, stainless steel water tanks are recommended by steel tank manufacturers in Kenya because they are long-lasting and will give you value for your money. Apart from durability, there are several reasons why you need to choose stainless steel plumbing systems.

1. Protection from corrosion

Coatings made of brass or iron usually corrode after a limited usage time. This increases the maintenance cost of the plumbing system. However, storage tanks with stainless steel coating offer excellent corrosion in water, acids, and alkaline environments. This makes stainless steel coating ideal for both domestic and commercial usage.

2. Durable and low-maintenance

Stainless steel water tanks have a lifespan of over 50 years, making them more durable than other types of materials, such as plastics. The durability of steel water tanks can be attributed to their alloying composition, which ensures they can withstand harsh weather elements and rusting. Stainless steel material, therefore, provides a cost-effective option when installing plumbing solutions because of its long-term value. Thus, to reduce the maintenance cost associated with your plumbing system, it is advisable to consider stainless steel material.

3. Environment-friendly material

Stainless steel water tanks are environment-friendly because they have a low carbon footprint compared to systems made of other materials. Protection of the environment is one of the social responsibilities a person needs to consider when installing an effective plumbing solution. Moreover, materials made of stainless steel can be repurposed, reused, and recycled. This helps to reduce environmental pollution.

4. Hygienic and safe

For domestic usage, especially for storage water tanks used to store drinking water, steel water tanks are the ideal material to use in your home. When installing a storage water tank in your home, hygiene is one of the vital things to consider before installing a plumbing solution. Stainless steel is both hygienic and safe because it does not release harmful substances or alter the taste or smell of your drinking water.

If you are considering installing a storage water tank in your home or your business, stainless steel offers superior quality compared to other materials. Structurways Limited provides a wide range of steel storage tanks equipped with a bituminous layer to provide timely leakage and corrosion protection. You can visit our offices and take a look at the steel tower design for the water tank (pdf) to determine the right steel storage tank for your home.


Conclusion: Structurways Limited – Your Trusted Partner in Steel Tanks Manufacturing In Kenya

In conclusion, when buying steel water storage tanks, Structurways is the best solution for any investor who wants to get value for their money. With expertise in developing durable and versatile stainless steel water tanks in Kenya, we guarantee unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your vision to life with precision and excellence in steel water tank manufacturing!
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